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NiSi Filter IRND Extreme Kit 100mm

This kit includes 4pcs IRND filters and a NiSi Soft Filter Pouch

The NiSi Long Exposure Kit 100mm is a kit from NiSi Filters including three 100x100mm IR Neutral Density Filters; ND8 3 Stop, ND64 6 Stop, ND1000 10 stop and ND32000 15 stop.

Neutral density (ND) filters uniformly reduce the amount of light entering the lens. The ND Filter can enable greater motion blurring and image detail by allowing a large aperture and a slow shutter speed. ND filters are also helpful when the contrast between the highlights and shadows is too high to get a quality exposure.

The ND8 3 Stop is usually used for waterfalls and capturing water flow at shutter speeds from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

The ND64 6 stops ND filter is generally used during sunset hour to create exposures of 1-2 minutes for smooth water or clouds. A 6-Stop filter is also great for capturing dynamic water while retaining some texture before the sunset hour.

The ND1000 10 Stop is used during the day outside of sunset hour as the bright ambient light requires much more ‘light blocking’. These can prolong exposures for up to 5 minutes during sunset hour with the appropriate settings.

A ND32000 15 stops filter can be used to achieve very long exposures in the middle of the day and with this filter, exposures upward of 5 minutes can be achieved even during bright sunshine.

The NiSi 100mm ND Base Kit also includes a NiSi soft filter pouch that holds up to 4pcs 100x100mm filter (or 4pcs circular filters up to 95mm), a cleaning cloth and four replacement foam gaskets.

NiSi IRND filters do not affect the coloration of the image, offer a true to life color and are made from high-quality optical glass (not resin) with nano coating to prevent losing any single bit of detail.

By using neutral density filter the camera is sensitive to infrared light, which will cast the unwanted red color to the photos when shooting at a small aperture. NiSi IRND filters have an infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the natural true to life color.


Filter beskyttelsescoating
ND Effekt
ND8 / 3 stop (0,9), ND64 / 6 stop (1,8), ND32000 / 15 stop, ND1000 / 10 stop (3,0)
Filterstørrelse (kvadrat) (mm)
100x100 mm
Filter type
1 år
Rejse, Natur, Spejlløst, Objektiv, DSLR, CSC


Filter IRND Extreme Kit 100mm
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